Play Origin

Part trivia, part poker, Origin pits buffs against bluffs in a game where collusion and charisma trample the truth for personal benefit. It’s been said that if you can master this game, you can run a country. Not an important country, but still… nice to know.

Origin trivia answers the when, not the what. Cards represent historical events, and the object is to win other players’ cards by proving your event occurred closest to the date of the judge’s event. Do you know your trivia well enough to lie about it? Let’s find out.

Want to listen in on 60 seconds of gameplay? Give this a go:

Get the game here, or scroll through our How To Play walkthrough below:

The goal of Origin is not to win, but to appreciate the subjectivity and fragility of what we consider to be facts. While the events have a chronological order, no outcome is set in stone — a player with charisma and influence can misinform others for personal benefit, as it goes in the real world. Even the answer key is subjective. Sourced from Wikipedia, the dates are neither permanent nor authoritative. In some cases, the event itself may be described in a way that is open to interpretation, depending upon how argumentative you’d like to be.

Just remember: you’re here to learn. Then again, history is written by the victors… so perhaps the goal is to win after all.